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Bobby Jones

Though he played the game almost three quarters of a century ago, Bobby Jones will be forever woven into the very fabric of golf. The mere mention of his name immediately conjures up scenes that take their place among the most memorable in the history of the game: the rhythmic, perfectly balanced swing; the boyish face; the articulate, southern drawl; Augusta National; The Masters; the Grand Slam. Individually, his legacies left on the game are some of the most significant of all time. Together, they tell the wonderful story of one of the greatest the game of golf has ever seen.
 thirteen major championships and remains the only player ever to win all four majors in the same year-all before retiring from competitive golf when he was just 28 years old. His playing record alone is the stuff of legends, but the real story of Bobby Jones is so much more. Jones was a great player, a scholar, a family man, a competitor, a writer, a teacher, a golf course designer, and-in all things-a gentleman.

Those who knew him were astounded by his talent and touched by his humility. The great sportswriter Grantland Rice once said, "Bobby Jones is not one in a million persons…I should say he is one in ten million-or perhaps one in fifty million." Indeed, one of the most fascinating and timeless stories in all of sports is the legend of Bobby Jones.

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